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Export a sheet with attachments preserving the row references


For various reasons, it may be needed to export the sheet with all their attachments while preserving the knowledge of which attachment belongs to which row.

Solution examples:

1) A PDF binder where a click on the link would open the attachment, which is embedded in the binder.

2) A ZIP archive containing an Excel or HTML file with relative links to attachments stored in the subfolder in the same directory.

3) An MHT file with attachments embedded in it the same way images can be embedded (using Base-64 encoding).

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  • Federico Prado

    This is a great idea! any news from the smartsheet supoort team to make this happen?

  • AmaiaD

    Even if we could just have a column on the Smartsheet with the attachment filename would help!

  • AmaiaD

    With the advancement of AI and the possibility to use it for data analysis we are hindered by not having a way to identify which attachments correspond to which row, when exporting a backup. The attachments are downloaded in a ZIP file with no reference to the row they relate to. And the Smartsheet data does not have a field that contains the file name which could also be used to cross-reference. It has been a feature that has been requested many times over the years with no progress - could the team relook at what options are viable?

  • Breytejj

    All attachments must start with the Row number when the attachments are down loaded in zip format to make it easier to find downloaded documents if don for complete list.