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Select specific person/email as the name for automated alerts



  • Kevin Moore

    Any updates on this? My team has been delayed using Smartsheets until this basic functionality is enabled. Thanks.

  • Matthew Campbell

    I echo what many are asking for already, the ability to send notification from a specific tailored email address (ie: ""), not just triggering user, company name, automations@smarthsheet.. If we were able to add our own naming convention to this email (ie: "Finance Admin") that would be so cool.

    IE: Notification is sent to internal employee. Instead of saying "triggering user" or "company name" or "smartsheets automations" it would say, "Finance Admin" via Smartsheets", or "PMO Admin" via Smartsheets" in the sent from area

  • eliweitz
    eliweitz ✭✭✭✭

    I also echo most of the sentiments that have been conveyed with regards to this request. We currently maintain a weekly reporting solution using the email alert automation, which takes data from a sheet row and emails it to a given group every week. Right now, we have had to resort to making the send-as user (in our example, a PM) the owner of the sheet, to allow for at least a more direct reply-all solution.

    What would even make it more expansive would be to allow for addition of a list of emails within the reply-to field as well, so replies could go to multiple users, rather than just the individual owner of the sheet (or a singular custom address). This could be paired with the request from the attached request to make a more expanded email reply-to and naming customization scheme for email alerts.