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Gantt Bar with milestone


Would be extremely helpful for high level reporting to be able to have a parent row which is showing the overall Gantt bar be able to display a child row as a milestone marker along that bar.

Our project portfolio would benefit from being able to show the go-live milestone that is occurring

during the project execution phase.

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  • Maggie Ching

    Totally agreed. I also request this new feature long time ago, but without solution from smartsheet yet.

  • mikewachel
    mikewachel ✭✭
    edited 04/23/24

    I have a new idea.

    There are 3 separate tasks. 2 milestones and 1 activity. If I expanded this in my schedule, the tasks would show individually. When I collapse these in my schedule it shows like this......all on one line, with the milestones showing on the summary.

    Can Smartsheet do this?