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Clone Fields for Forms


Similar to how one can "clone" conditional formatting, I'd like to "clone" fields when creating forms. I have several similar questions on forms that I'd like to duplicate and make minor changes to. Instead, I have to create each field individually and it is very time consuming and tedious.

Alternatively, (and even better) would be to have the option for the end-user to "click to add another entry" within the form.

My specific use is capturing income types. Applicants (form users) will enter a new entry for each type of income (as well as debts and assets). Currently, I have to provide a new field for the maximum number of entries they may have. I can use conditional logic to not show subsequent entries unless they need them, but that would be even more cumbersome. I'd like the form to initially display 1 field for 1 income type, but have the option for the applicant to provide additional income types on additional fields.

I would also use this same functionality when listing dependents. "Click to add another dependent".

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  • pmosinsk

    Both are great suggestions:

    1. Duplicate a form field when designing a form
    2. Have users be able to add extra fields (arguably harder to do)

  • Brian F.

    This was put in the forum and requested by others already… in 2021!!!

    I don't understand why you cannot copy or duplicate a field, astounded that is not an option.

    For my purposes I need to duplicate a logic field in a long survey that requests additional information for every low score, you can imagine the extra work without this feature.

    Very disappointed,