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Copy/Update Automatons Function


We have recently change how the sheets in one of our PPM solutions in Smartsheet works, by utilising Dynamic View as a Stakeholder dashboard. Therefore we have had to change how all of the automated notifications are set up. There are total of 40 automations split across 5 sheets that need to be added to 35 existing project workspaces, so thats 1400 automations that will need to be added manually. Can we please have the ability to copy Automations across sheets and workspaces. Either as a copy function, or via Global Updates.

Many thanks.

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  • clevercreatrix

    I am running a program with several projects. To ensure they are being run the same way, I need the automations to match across. I would like to be able to copy/paste automations - particularly those with notifications, to ensure my business partners' experience is consistent across projects. This will minimize learning curve, optimize impact of communications, and reduce the lift on the PMO to implement changes.