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Row number fuction


A function that gives you the row number of a cell as a number without using a workaround.

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  • spauliszyn
    spauliszyn ✭✭✭

    Yes. I can see the need for this in a few of my automations/formulas.

    This would be great for making conditional formatting for highlighting alternate rows or alternating groups of rows.

  • Samuel Mueller
    Samuel Mueller Overachievers

    I strongly support this enhancement. Also wanted to put the workaround out there for anyone looking for it.

    Using the auto number column you can achieve this.

    lets say the auto number column is named AutoNumber, and the row number column is named Row

    In your helper column you would put =MATCH(AutoNumber@row, AutoNumber:AutoNumber, 0), and make it a column formula.

    This would give you the row number at all times after you save.

  • eliweitz
    eliweitz ✭✭✭✭✭

    I want to be able to refer to the actual row number within a given sheet, as a value in a formula. This could be by utilizing a formula like "=@row", which would use the native row number and display that value.

  • Whitechri

    Many people ask for this same need to reference a Sheet's row number for a formula which already shows within the Sheet, without having to add an extra column that also auto-increments.