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Lock single cell



  • Kristy Vu

    I agree. The ability to lock at the cell level is especially helpful when coordinating across multiple teams. There's less inadvertently changing data, which I find is the most common issue when a sheet is shared across the organization.

  • stkatch
    stkatch ✭✭✭✭

    Not to be confused with locking a row or column. For sheets that are shared for editing rights but you want to lock a cell after certain criteria is reached - thereby eliminating any possible changes. Especially in fairly large data sheets where an activity log or cell histories would be an astronomical task to ensure that Validated Data has not changed. Example; CFO has approved a value or date and has editing rights but once it is approved, want the value cell to lock. But the column needs to stay unlocked for other editors.

  • Howard R

    This feature has been requested multiple times since 2017. Please look into implementing

  • mcullen
    mcullen ✭✭✭✭

    I saw some older posts for this but nothing recent. I think it would be helpful to have the ability to lock a single cell from editing.

    Michelle Cullen