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I have the following formula working fine!  In short, based on the value of the “Application/Product” value, I auto populate the value of a Contact column. 

=IF([Application/Product]1 = "Edits", "Jane Smith", IF([Application/Product]1 = "Scripts", "John Doe", IF([Application/Product]1 = "Matrix", "Billy Bob", IF([Application/Product]1 = "Glory", "Jim Bob"))))


I am having issues trying to add a secondary rule to the equation.

  • As an example, from the formula above, I now need to factor in the Workstream column as well; therefore, in English:
    • If Application/Product = “Edits” and Workstream = “GSC” then populate with Jane Smith
    • If Application/Product = “Edits” and Workstream = “APAC” then populate with Billy Bob
    • And so on with the rest of my products.





  • Mike WildayMike Wilday ✭✭✭✭✭

    Based on Smartsheet's rules for using the AND operator your formula should look like this... 

    =IF(AND([Application/Product]1 = "Edits", [Workstream Column]1="GCS), "Jane Smith", IF(And([Application/Product]1 = "Edits", [Workstream Column]1="APAC"), "Billy Bob"))

    Note: You have to close your and statement parenthesis... ="GCS) <--- Closes the and statement but doesn't close the IF statement. Then close all of your IF statements at the end.

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