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Hyperlink to external drive

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Hi all,


I'm looking for a way to enter a hyperlink from another local shared drive in a Smartsheet cell. Is this somehow possible?


Thx for your help!


Warm regards, Gonnie


  • Hi Gonnie,


    In my attempts, hyperlinks to local drives does not work in smartsheet.  It hasn't stopped me from making these easier for my company, though.  I have columns on sheets labeled "File folder location" or "File directory", and the common data entry is a copy/paste of the server folder address.  Then, its a matter of copy/paste for using the data.  


    Hope this helps.


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    Hi Goonie,


    An Idea I have not yet tried......but go for it.


    If the data is not "too sensitive"....

    Try putting the files into (or synchronising) to the cloud.  Google Drive.


    That way Smartsheet can link to the document, which is auto synch'd with you PC based Documents.....


    See this Integration document.



    See the google drive Synchronisation help document


  • Hi,

    Linking to files on a local drive would be a great advantage rather than uploading.

    Please consider implementing




  • My team votes for this as well.  :)

  • We would love this feature too!

  • We need this as well.  This definitely gets our vote!

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