I'm hoping someone can help me.

I have a sheet set as a grid with a list of tasks for designers to do, these are divided into 4 categories, with the tasks being indented beneath the parent category, I have a column called 'complete' that is checkboxes which the designer check once each task is compete, so like a regular gantt layout but only checkboxes instead of percentage complete against tasks.

I would like to have a % complete on each parent row in the same way as a regular gantt so that I can use this data in reports and dashboards for the benefit of the managers of those designers.

Can someone tell me the formula to use that will get a % complete based on the number of checkboxes checked please

Thank you.





Not sure if this is what you want but try this:

=COUNTIF(CHILDREN(Complete1); 1) / COUNT(CHILDREN(Complete1))

I hope this helps you!


Andrée Starå - Workflow Consultant @ Get Done