Is there a way to filter and do conditional formatting for odd/even numbers used from auto-number?


If not, I would like to pose this as an enhancement request.


You can add another colum with the formula 

=IF(INT([Row ID]1 / 2) = [Row ID]1 / 2, 0, 1) 


assuming that [Row ID]  is your auto-number.  If the row id is odd then you'll get 1 and 0 if even.


You can then filter/do conditionnal formatting based on this column (see column 3 in the screenshot below).


Hope this helps.



Thank you! That formula works. But, it doesn't work on auto-number with prefix.

Fixed length prefix? 


Check out the RIGHT() function.



Your auto-number column could be number only and another column can contain the whole string (prefix + auto-number)

These methods only work if you do not insert or move rows.  The row ID's are static and odd id numbers can be adjacent, negating the effect.  A real WBS numbering system is needed to make this work.  Or an ability to reference an item's actual row number.

+1 for reference to actual row number



I've got your votes for this logged to our enhancement request list!