How do you highlight when a change is made to any row or column? e.g. if someone changes the due date, I want the entire row to be a color.



Hello Leann! You cannot do this automatically if a change is made in a row, to be colored. But, there is a feature built-in that does this!

Check this image out here:


Do you see the marker next to the table and hyperlink buttons? That is called a highlight change. It will highlight any cell that has been changed since you last looked at the sheet. 



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Hi Leann,

To add to Nicks excellent advice for the Highlight Changes.

It's possible to to have a row change color when the due date changes but the date have to be set either in another column or in the Conditional Formatting rule.

Would that work?

Let me know if you have any questions!

Have a fantastic day!


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