I have encountered a question from my team, and was wondering if there is a solution. 


They were curious if you can set up notifications, or something else (like conditional formatting), to where you would be notified that if a check box was checked in a certain cell, and then a file was uploaded to the line with that cell, you would get a notification for that situation. 


Is this possible?


I think they are working on that option but there is no release scheduled. They have integration with Zapier which does exactly what you are looking for.

Ok thanks! I will look into that solution. 

To be clear you want to be notified when you a check box is filled. You also want to be notified when an attachement is made?


Both of those are doable now with just smartsheet. 

Hi Everyone,


I just wanted to share that Azuqua also has an integration/connector that automates conditional notifcations so you can notify your team in real-time based on user actions to keep everyone up to date with the information they need to get their job done efficiently.



When a user makes an update in Smartsheet, Azuqua can automate the sending of notifications in real time. Notifications can be triggered off of complex conditions based on your custom processes.


You can try it for free here: https://azuqua.com/integrations/smartsheet/


Let me know if you have any questions.