We have 8 people using the same sheet. It's a production schedule.  I'll view the sheet but when I click to go to a different sheet, this window pops up every single time:



"Changes have been made to the information in your Smartsheet. Would you like to save the changes?" 


I never made any changes to the sheet, I just looked at it.  Why is it asking me to save when I didn't make any edits at all? This happens every time. All 8 people are licensed users btw.



Something has updated in your sheet since it was saved last. Here are some examples I can think of that might not seem like changes, but are considered changes. Some are change to data, and some are more like preferences:


Data changes:

1. Sorting or moving rows

2. Formulas using the today() function. Consider the fact that the result of a formula that uses the today() function could change with each passing day.


Preference-like changes:

1. Filtering

2. Collapsing or Expanding parent/child rows

3. Enabling or disabling "Highlight changes"


There are probably other reasons, but these are the ones we have been exposed to that I can think of off the top of my head. Do any of these apply in your case?


I didn't do any of that.  It pops up even when I simply go between tabs (my log & schedule) tabs.  I don't click on anything, I just scroll down and look at the information. No filtering or enabling the highlight changes.   There is no today () functions being used.

I agree with John, there is something that is updating and most likely there are formulas in your sheet that are updated when you open the sheet. Go through your sheet and check out the formulas if you want to investigate this. It could also be conditional formsstimf which can be located through your conitional formatting button on your toolbar. 

If you want to share your sheet with me, I can take a quick look.

=(Quantity1 * Repeat1 / 12 / Acr1)


=IF(Feet1 <= 50000, Feet1 / 200 / 60 + 1, Feet1 / 200 / 60 + 3)


=Repeat1 * Ard1 / 0.125


There's only three formulas that we're currently using in the sheet.



What are the names and column types for the columns your 3 formuals are in?


What column types are Quantity, Repeat, Acr, Feet? How are they populated...manually data entry?


If you wanted to share the sheet, I'm sure I could help you out.

I don't think I can share the sheet with you because there are sensitive information in there and I don't want to get in trouble with my boss! LOL 


"Quantity, Repeat, Acr, Feet, Ard" are actual names of the columns.  Those columns are "Text/Number" types.  Does that help?

That didn't answer all of the questions I had. If you can't share it and can't figure it out with the information we've given you, then [email protected] is your only next step.


Last suggestion: create a report that shows all rows sorted decending by modified date. Show all columns in that report. Go to your sheet, see that you're prompted by the option to save. Do save it. Go to the report, and see what changed using highlight changes. There will be things in the last hour that changed, because you just saved.

Oh I totally forgot to mention the sheet has the "Modified By" column which shows the latest person making the changes.  Could that be the problem?

The modified column will only change if something has been changed on the sheet, I believe.


When you open it,  you have the save button availablle immediately, right? So, open the sheet fresh, hit the save button, and let the sheet reload. Then, highlight changes made within the last hour, and be sure you are showing all columns. This should show you what column/row is the culpret (and gets updated every time the sheet opens up anew). Let us know what you find out.

I just checked it.  We had to re-make the schedule in a brand new sheet because something got messed up by accident.  It no longer has that problem.  I'm gonna wait til the end of the day and see if I get that pop up again.  It seems to pop up when we have multiple people looking at the schedule at the same time.