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I have a quick question, so I am currently trying to make a sheet to send out approvals to vendor managers for extensions for expiration dates. The thing is the managers are all part of different departments and not all departments use Smartsheet so not all of the managers even have an account. I have a column where I will put the managers email but it doesn’t seem to work because I tried to test it out with one of my coworkers but she never received any reminders or update forms in her email. Is it possible to send them a form through email?





You might need to adjust your automation settings. 

Click > Automation > Manage automations > the little gear in the upper-right hand corner. 

In that panel you can set the sheet to be unrestricted which will send the emails to anyone, even if they are not shared users on the sheet. 

I don't know for sure if they will be able to approve or not, but its worth testing! 

See attached screenshot for workflow... 


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Hi Jovani,

To add to Mikes solution. I can confirm that it will work for the Approvals as long as the permissions are correct.

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