does anyone use SmartSheet Control Center solution? I have not been able to find anything on it outside of SmartSheet marketing. 




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Hi Olga

My colleagues and I are evaluating the cost vs benefits of implementing Control Centre for several of our clients and have assembled quite a lot of information on it so far, but you may have done the same? 

What are you looking to use it for and what information do you feel you are short of? 

If you are looking for Client User References then it would be great if we get a response to that question? 

Happy to help you evaluate if that is what you seek? 


Smarter Business Processes. 

Looking to get the same information requested above on Control Center. Found a ton of videos on its value but nothing that shows actually how to get started. 


Currently, Control Center requires Smartsheet professional services to set up (and maybe maintain). I hope this changes. 


Hi Richard,

we have not done an evaluation of cost vs benefits of implementing Control Center but that is what we will be doing at the same time as comparing other similar solutions out there. Is this something you can share?

I am just surprised not to see any customer reviews or anything at all on Control Center outside of SmartSheet marketing.

The cost of Control Center isn't low, and providing a supporting business case to leadership is becoming a challenge.

Please advise any way you can help.




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Olga and TVolmer ? 

We share your frustration that we as Smartsheet Partners and Resellers are not being allowed to trial Control Center on behalf of our clients, but we are seeking a resolution to this because.... as you so rightly point out, a third party review would be very welcome to supplement the Marketing materials provided by Smartsheet inhouse. 

My colleagues like Craig Williams and I, believe we provide considerable added value to Smartsheet users, so believe we can be of great assistance to all concerned, given the opportunity. 

That said we have been offered a training course in Seattle next Spring for one person which would probably cost more than Control Center itself. But that is 6 month away anyway, so of no value here. 

We will get back to you with info and share any good news. 



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I would be very interested in your reviews and insights. 

My organisation just switched to SmartSheets, it has become clear during implementation that to make it do what we want we need control centre. Pretty frustrating as we thought we could do what we wanted with the Enterprise subscription :-( 




Alison Mack


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Hi Alison,

To check if I can help you in any way, i wonder how you concluded the need for Control Center?


Andrée Starå - Workflow Consultant / Get Done

Hello everyone,

We’ve recently created resources to help you learn more about the power of Smartsheet Control Center.

I’d recommend starting with our overview video in our video center:  https://www.smartsheet.com/videos/operational-control-scale-smartsheet-control-center

A demo video of Control Center is available here: https://www.smartsheet.com/videos/control-center

We also have an FAQ help article in our help center: https://help.smartsheet.com/articles/2476701-smartsheet-control-center-frequently-asked-questions

Is the Smartsheet Control Center separate from Sights? Does it come with the Enterprise plan?



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Loann- did your team do any research and evaluation of other PM tools out there before committing to SmartSheet? I am just curious as that is where my team currently is at.

What kinds of things in the Enterprise Plan is not available, but is with the Control Center?




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We've been using SS since December 2010, and just recently upgraded to the Enterprise level. I don't know enough about the Control Center to know what it offers vs Enterprise.

I think that would be a good idea for Smartsheet to make available a comparison chart - especially since CC isn't part of the Enterprise plan.

I did look at other PM programs (Microsoft, Base Camp, and a few others) but they were so very cumbersome or not intuitive for the novice user. I've still not seen any other viable product for how we use Smartsheet, and ours is very much an atypical use.



Hi all,

I have been involved with the implementation, configuration, onboarding, utilisation and (now that I'm up to speed with Smartsheet) heavy customisation of Smartsheet Control Center and the underlying templates.

I'd be happy to answer any questions you have from a customer standpoint.



Would welcome any input on Control Center.  We have two tiles working with professional services, not going as desired and not all promised seems to be capable.

Worried we need to start taking ball into our court to get this moving forward.  Anyone that has advice and experience that they can share we would like to hear about it.


Currently we seem to be doing a lot of the concept, SME, how to design things, but we have so many questions on little things before we can just do all ourselves.  Some questions are CC specific others are smartsheet and how does it function with control center.


Like, if we want notifications on a Template, how does that work when it is kicked off from Control Center, how is who to send the notification for a particular sheet populated?  From any template for that matter let alone Control Center, as a project has specific persons to be notified not all the same for every project.  Much more like this plus how to get progress with Prof Services.

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Disappointed to hear that, we heard similar feedback some months ago but had presumed that the consulting team has "Caught up" with client demands in the implementation of Control Center.

I can only suggest you escalate your concerts to the senior consulting team otherwise how will they learn and improve? Plus that should get you a better response and the outcomes you seek. 

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and look forward to better news?