How to copy renamed column to a new sheet?
How to lock a cell in the sheet?



Thanks for the questions! There isn’t a way to copy a column from one sheet to another unless you are copying or moving rows from one sheet to another. If the destination sheet does not contain a column that exists in the source sheet, it will be copied and added to the far right in the destination sheet. 


While you cannot lock a single cell, you can lock a row row or column. Here is some information on how this functionality works: http://help.smartsheet.com/customer/portal/articles/522077-locking-unlocking-columns-and-rows

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I export a sheet to excel, and i import when i create new sheet, so no need to enter the column name in each time when create new sheet,


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You could also make a copy of the sheet (rather than exporting and importing) by right clicking in the title tab (while in the sheet) and selecting Save as New.