I'm very confused about this function. It has an #UNPARASABLE error.

=countifs({Jade2_BCM Dashboard 2019 Range 1},"Complete",[{Jade2_BCM Dashboard 2019 Range 2},"Business Resilience",{Jade2_BCM Dashboard 2019 Range 3},"1st Quarter")

I am trying to reference three columns from another sheet, Jade2_BCM Dashboard, to see how many rows are marketed as complete, are from the 1st Quarter, and are under Business Resilience. Does anyone know why I am getting this error?



Try removing the [ in "Complete",[{Jade2_BCM Dashboard 2019 Range 2}, the [ ] are used when referencing a column name in the same sheet that has a space in it, it is not required when referencing columns in another sheet.