Anyone have experience in creating a Help Desk in Smartsheet? We are trying to find a solution to give our customers a way to reach out to us with issues (not necessarily IT-related) and have the ability to track each.  Anyone have a template they could share?  

Thank you in advance! 


My Collegue and I have assisted a number of customers to build a bespoke Help Desk type solution and we would be willing to assist you if if you want. We do give a free initial consultation to assess your needs and then would submit an initial proposal.  We do not have templates as we believe each solution should be bespoke to the requirements. 

The beauty of Smartsheet is the fact that it's easy to customize it to whatever your needs are. Start with some templates that Smartsheet has already started for you and get to modifying them to suit your needs. We have two different issue trackers we leverage here, and they all started with the templates below, and are now completely different, custom-tailored web applications for us.