I am trying to use a COUNTIF statement to reference another sheet and count the number of "V" s so I can create a metrics sheet for my DashBoard Creation.  I have attached a snip of it below but all i get is #UNPARSEABLE when i try it.  I must be missing something, but I am unsure as to what.  Received the #INCORRECT ARGUMENT SET error before realizing i had to input the lookup set again to complete the range.  So one problem down but still stuck with #UNPARSEABLE.




   I am not sure as to why you are using a the VLOOKUP function in the formula.  You would just need to select the column or range of the data for the COUNTIF function and then test that to count the v values.

=countif({SOP verification logbook range 2}, "V")

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   Is the data you are counting in a column defined as text?  I set up a set of sheets and used this formula: =COUNTIF({New Sheet Range 1}, "V") and was able to return a value based on the text values of V in the data sheet.

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I was looking back at it and although I had set it up the way you had said i misplaced two characters and that is why i was still getting the #UNPARSEABLE error.  Having walked away and come back to look at it I see where I got the isssue after trying to alter it.

TLDR: Thanks Mark!!