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I've seen an old message on this topic, but I'm writing to see if there have been developments since (or any work-arounds) to getting "current user" to work in dashboards.

I love the new charts, and formulas for presenting summary information. However, for our organisation the real game-changer will be when a dashboard can show all of the tasks (from multiple project sheets), actions, risks and issues (from multiple other sheets) associated with the current user in one place. This dashboard then would become the "home sheet" for every project manager and other stakeholders associated with each of our programmes.

It seems that dashboards current set the current user as the person who created the dashboard - I really can't see why it would be designed this way, and it should be a straight-forward fix.

Has anyone found a way to do this? Is the ability to do this on the development team's work plan?

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Thanks for your feedback and very much appreciated.  Your point of view in having to show content on the dashboard relevant to the current user viewing the dashboard is very much valid.  We will consider this as a future enhancement.

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Has there been any progress on this? The reports on my dashboard work with current user for the owner of the dashboard, but don't seem to be updating for other users the dashboard, report and data are shared with.




We still have it in the backlog.  Once we finish up some outstanding and highly requested features we can consider this in our queue.




I wanted to agree with the commenters above that having "current user" actually reflect the current user in dashboards would be incredibly useful in creating a personalized dashboard to allow all users to see what is on their plate across all projects.  



I agree. This would be a very useful feature. Thanks!

+1 for this capability - To have the capability to build a single dashboard that displayed the reports of a current user, rather than those of whoever created the dashboard, would be really useful.

If you then wanted to change the look of a dashboard, you are only needing to make the changes once, to a single report, rather than needing to update the multiple reports that will have needed to be created to create personalised dashboards.

Is there an update on when/if this functionality will be introduced?

+1 for this capability - I was surprised when the "current user"-filtered report I inserted into my dashboard showed only my own records when another user opened the dashboard.

+111 for this. Thats the biggest frustration point for my team. They simply cant have a single "go to" place for all their personal tasks because current user is not working in dashbaords. Would love to see this very soon!

+1 Any Update when we can expect this to be running...?! Thanks Alex

+1 on this enhancement!  There are several dashboards we would want to build out internally but cannot without this enhancement.  One would expect a report to generate based on the Report Builder specs regardless whether you run the report on its own or within a dashboard.

+1, this would for sure be a gamchanger in my team as well!

+1 for this feature!

I agree with Chris' original post: "for our organisation the real game-changer will be when a dashboard can show all of the tasks (from multiple project sheets), actions, risks and issues (from multiple other sheets) associated with the current user in one place" - so +1 on this feature!!!

+1 for this feature... any update from Smartsheet?

+1 for this, this is a massively frustrating oversight.

I have just submitted a product enhancement request, I suggest other community members do the same as I'm not sure '+1' does anything from a product development perspective, perhaps a Smartsheet moderator can confirm.


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You're correct! The form has to be sent to be sure that the request counts.

Please submit an Enhancement Request when you have a moment.

A New Way to Submit Your Feature Requests
To make your Enhancement / Feature Request count, send in the form above because there isn’t a guarantee, it will be registered otherwise.
Original Post: https://community.smartsheet.com/announcement/new-way-submit-your-feature-requests

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I just submitted an enhancement request.  Others please do the same.

'Current User' for Dashboards!