i have created a workspace which has some reports and other sheets on, this is all rolled up into a dashboard.

I have shared the workspace with colleagues, however when they click on a report it brings back a blank report with no data.

Any advice please, i am sure i am doing something basic wrong.

Appreciated as always





Sorry, just a further update:

Its the click through from a metric to a report that is not working?

Help please!!


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No. I simply created a Dashboard and placed a "Shortcut" widget inside of it. I have two Smartsheet items listed and two links. When a user selects any of the links the system opens up a window to the correct link and displays the information inside that link.

The problem that I'm having is that the resulting windows that open are not able to be resized. They do not open up as full screen windows. This would be okay if I they were just simple lists with a few columns. For two examples: one is a project plan and the other is an excel spreadsheet that has a lot of columns. In both cases, they would greatly benefit from having all of the screen real estate to work with.

Hi Dave,

You have to share the underlining sheets as well for them to be able to see anything when they go into the report. They can only see what they have access to when they look at the report.

Hope that helps!

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Andrée Starå

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The users have access to the sheets by virtue of the fact that they have Edit access to the workspace that the sheets are in. In the case of the links to Excel spreadsheets, they also have read/write access to the SharePoint site that contains them. In fact, the correct thing open in their own windows. They are just not able to be resized.



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Hi Andree,


thank you as always for coming back to me. I have shared the workspace with individuals and within the workspace is the reports that they should be able to click through to. 

However when they click the report it is coming up as "Empty report"

Happy to share workspace with you to see what results you get.

As always very grateful.


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Hi Andree,


i have shared this with you, i have given you Editor can share permissions.


The issue is my client is saying when they click on the reports via the dashboard or directly it is saying "Blank report"

Thank you as always for your help.



I'm not following! Are you both having the same issue?

Who is this jgreenwaldusimshealthcom ?



Okay folks - New information on this:

It is browser related. I am able to resize correctly in Microsoft Edge and in Google Chrome. Resizing does not work in Internet Explorer (version 11).




Even if they are shared to the workspace that the reports are in, the sheets will also need to either be in that same workspace or have the users shared to them. Just sharing to a report will generate a "blank report" if the user is unable to view the sheet itself that the report is being built from.




I'm thinking that jgreenwaldusimshealthcom is responding on the wrong thread. I remember seeing one in the community this morning about resizing. I'm not sure if there is a glitch in the system that is posting their responses in this one, or if they are simply accessing the wrong thread for their response by mistake.

Hi Andree


that makes sense although i was unaware.


Hopefully i have modified this and the customer can now see what they need to.


As always, your help and wisdom is greatly appreciated.



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I think I found the "error"

The Metric Widget is linked to the report directly and not to the published one. If you change it to the published one instead, it will work. (It's the same for both the Open and Closed Cases)

Did it work?



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Hi Andree,

I think that has worked, i have not shared the source sheet with you and added published links to both the open and closed cases. Could you kindly check you are still seeing data when clicking through?

Thank you as always