There are no release notes (yet) for yesterday's release.




I was hoping to test new and existing functionality today.


Also: November's release isn't listed here:







That's what I came here for today.  :(


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Novembers release notes are there now and look forward to the new ones for December being released? Be good to see that things have settled down again after a few issues these last few weeks? Hopefully now sorted. 


This is really not cool.  No pop-up notes about the new features, no notes in the announcements, and nothing in the release notes.  Seems as if bug fixing over the weekend took priority over documentation release.



Finalized documentation should always be a pre-req for release.

If the doc ain't ready, don't ship. 

While they've been saying for weeks there would be a 4 hour downtime on Dec 10th, there is no way for us to know what that will be. For example, even a target quarter on the product roadmap would be helpfull.

So, we don't know what is coming, usually, --- why not push it a week if it will rushed at the end?


Whatever was released or fixed broke something else as they immediately had problems to resolve and Zapier was reporting "problems with Smartsheet" several times over the weekend while I was testing things there.


My $0.02




I almost wrote something to the same effect, but was in a hurry to do something else.  Totally agree.  If your documentation is not ready, then neither is your release.  Being a customer in the dark with unproven features and new glitches is uncomfortable to say the least.  And, given that this little documentation snafu happend during the last release, though not this late, I had hoped it would be a lesson learned.  Le sigh....

Ya'll are pathetic... like kids in a candy store.... which is why i'm looking too!!  Laughing


Trying to recall now if the update to occur this weekend just said Maintenance. Seems it did???  So as Brad said, this may have been of a big fix/maintenace update than New features.


In part it makes sense to NOT add new features before the holidays before your Support Staff is taking time off....



Maintenance is ok. 

Usually there are at least bug fixes I would expect.

I would tend to agree with the no release before a vacation period - but the other side is to wrap things up to start fresh afterwards - so a week buffer to work out the kinks made sense.

I would not release and turn off the computers - old colleague used to do that so he'd get urgent calls on vacation - made him feel important.



Great minds and all that.





Also, they announced the Aug 6th maintenance in the same way as the Dec 10th maintenance -- and that ccame with release notes.



Hello All—

The December 10th downtime was purely for the sake of moving to new data servers. Due to the immense scope of this process, we released no new features during this downtime and have released no bug fixes.


This was a maintainence downtime, and since we didn't release anything, there are no release notes.

Thanks for the update.

No bugs fixed, but a few created, eh?