Hello,  is there a formula that will display the email address of the assigned to in another cell?


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Nice easy answer for you. Click into the cell where you want the contact persons details to be copied to, type =  (eguals) then click into the cell you want to copy from. Enter .

Drag down the sheet and it will do the same on all rows. 

You could also Cell link to another sheet but you dint ask that question. Cool

Hope that helps? 



Hi,  that works to give me the name of the contact,  however i want to display the email of that contact.  so when i print the sheet it shows thier name and then thier email?


Phone # too?  or do i manually have to enter that informaiton


thanks a bunch

There isnt a way to extract an email address from a contact and have it displayed in a sheet. You might consider adding a email address column and add user's email addresses when you assign tasks to them (same with phone numbers)

Yeah thats what I thought and is the way that i am doing it now,  it seems silly that i have to input the email address twice ?  and then remember to change it if i change the assigned to.


seems like i should just be able to =[assignedto email]2  or something like that.......

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Matt, sometimes we get very focused on just solving the question posed and what we ought to do, is step back up and look at the overall objective or workflow here?

You mention printng out? That is unusual unless presenting hard copy to non IT users to work with? Is it worth looking upwards for a better flow of data? 

not necessarily "printing"  but more of saving a state of viewing primarliy for mobile device.


In the field this is inteded to be used as a reference on mobile device.   if i want to send an email directly to the technician i can click on the hyperlink.  


For phone contact,  it would be really nice if the App also hyperlinked Phone #'s  however can still copy and paste the # out of the row view


the actual contact information as smartsheet deals with it, appears to be kind of dum once it gets into the mobile device