We have had users request to see in the list and workspace views, the name of the user who edited a sheet last.  Currently, we only see the owner and the date of the last update.  This additional column would provide our users with a SharePoint 'like' experience that they are used to seeing.


That's not how I would use it, but I would use a feature like that.

Add my vote please.



Hi Melissa-- Thanks for the feedback! This is actually already on our enhancement request list, so I'll go ahead and add your (and Craig's) vote for it :)

You can add mine as well to it.

Hi Karen-- I've added your vote!


1st post, great tool. Love it so far.

Was this ever implemented? I just started using this tool and am working to push this into our company. I am concerned that a simple yet important request like this has not been implemented yet. 



This has not been added.



When will this be added please? I'd like to be contacted directly. This is critical to our use of the product.

It's been on the enhancement list for 2 years ?

Thanks in advance!!