My team and I are new to Smartsheet, and after 2 days of using the software, have already found a couple of major road blocks that will likely keep us from using Smartsheet. 

The biggest is the inability to create a drop down list that uses data validation to pull a list of options from another Sheet. (Example - one sheet be used to keep track of all products we offer, then be able to integrate that drop down into several sheets). It is not practical to ask my team to manually input/update the dropdown options on every sheet  when our product offerings update (frequently). 

I've seen countless threads here asking for the feature from 2015 - 2017, but see no resolution, other than some external services that provide a workaround, but these are costly, rely on Google Drive (not what most large corporations use), or the programs are now defunct or bought out by other companies.

Any solutions or suggestions here would be greatly appreciated, as we see the potential with Smartsheet, but need a bit more functionality to actually use it.



Do you need to be able to use the dropdown via mobile?


There is a solution for a dynamic dropdown list, but it is only usable on the web version.


Hi Kaitlin,

I think it's my solution that Paul is thinking of. See original post below.

Here is a workaround that gives you the possibility to use lists of information and choose from that list inside a sheet (doesn't work with mobile, only desktop)

I'm using cell-linking for this workaround. The main sheet is linked to the dropdown/list sheet.

Please see the attached link/screenshot for more information.

Example of dropdown/list

Hope that helps!


Andrée Starå

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Okay, last question! 

Is there a way to copy the established "double click to select" cell and paste into several cells? or do you have to go through the entire process of setting up each individual linked cell to reference the original sheet? 

Copy and Paste kills the link, and paste special with links is not available for these cells for me.

Thank you,