I have a drop-down menu with a few selections and I want the next cell over to have a text based on what is selected from the drop-down menu. Can this be done?

So on cell B3 I selected 5, and I want the word Tom to populate on cell B4 based on that selection.


Thank you!


You would need to create an IF formula. Please note that smartsheets does not use column letters for its formulas but uses column names instead. Replace Column name B in the following formula, with your own column name and you will have a formula for the column and row 3. I nested an additional couple IF statements so you can add other statements and see how it goes.  

=IF([Column Name B]3 = "5", "Tom, IF([Column Name B]3= 6, "John", IF(Column Name B]3 = 7, "Oscar")))

Here is more information on IF statements: https://help.smartsheet.com/function/if