hello everyone 

i am brand new user in this community trying to familar with this software. so far looks very promising. i have a question like how to make multy forms in one web form like i want to generate form in which in second line there should be multy option to select one and then under neath line will change acoording the selection. any idea please. 


The way I have found to do this would be to create columns in your sheet as checkbox columns and these would be your multiple choice options.  if you do a drop down option they can only choose one from the drop down.  If you want to discuss further just let me know.  Tony

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Hi happybaba

What you are looking for is "Conditional Logic" which Smartsheet forms cannot do as such, but by being creative you can often find a solution like Tony suggests, or another way is to offer a choice of forms that cover different situations that still populate the same sheet. Eg an engineer would answer a different set of recruitment questions to a sales person, but all land on the same recruitment sheet. 

Or differing H & S incident reports could offer different forms to fill out the detail of the event. 

If all that will not work for you, then you will find excellent dialogie ( in the forum) about using Google Forms which can do conditional Logic and still populate Smartsheets is probably the answer. 

Hope that Helps?