Duration column on my project includes Hours and Days depending on the task. However, the duration count is inaccurate. 



You might be seeing a discrepancy because duration in SmartSheet counts Business Days. So if your standard working days are set up as Monday-Friday then it will only count those days. Check your account settings to make sure your business days are set up correctly. Account > Account Settings > Edit working days. See my screenshot for a visual of where you will find that information. 

If your project has been counting down calendar days in separate programs, this might be the discrepancy you are seeing. 

Hi Mike,

I have my project sheet already set up for Mon - Fri and 8H work week as indicated. See attachment if issue.

First row: 0.8333days = 6 hours 40 minutes (400m/480m). OK

Second row: 1.25 days = 10 hours. Also OK

Third row: I can't see enough of the data to determine correctness but I suspect it is also correct.


Yes, but the top line "Orange line" shows 9 days which is not correct.

Hi Blessing, that top line is summarizing your entire project. It looks like its rolling up everything. Do you have additional rows in there that are summing up to the total above? Its the Parent row so all children/grandchildren are going to sum up into that inital row. You may have an issue with rows being indented under that first row that shouldn't be. 

There is at least one more task that is under the CAD parent ... as the parent ends on 10/23/17

Also be aware that 4 sub-task of 1 day each could show 300 days duration if they are spread out that way.

10/11/17 to 10/23/17 is 9 working days.


Good points Craig. One must consider the span of days that things are being done, as well as total time on each task. The schedule impacts the duration as well as the duration impacts the schedule. They feed each other.