I know you can up type in a list of values into a drop down list but can a drop down list be dynamically populated with data from another column?


Can you use values in one column (column A) as input to a drop down for another column (column B).  By reading the data in column A and populating a form's drop down list in column B the form can allow for dynamic changes as customers add more data to column A.


is this possible?  If not can it be added to the feature request?


Good question! This functionality does not exist but we are tracking feedback for this request and I will add your vote for it! 

Count my vote too please!


Added your vote, Lindsay! 

Please count my vote as well!

Add me in -- this would be a VERY nice feature.

Please count my vote as well!  This functionality opens up fantastic use cases...a real "game changer" :).

Sudhir, Tony, and Roger - your votes have been logged! 

Please log my votes plus that of my entire organisation.Laughing

Thanks Charles - vote added!

Status on this feature?

If still counting votes, add me in. 

Count my vote as well

Votes added, Naveen and Wayne! 

my vote too please

If anyone is still counting, here is one more!

I neet this please!  +1  This would be a panacea for using SmartSheet with large organizations, portfolios and programs.

What is the status of this functionality?


Have my vote...

Hi-- We don't have an update on this functionality but it is on our enhancement request list and I have added your votes!

Any update on this feature?  The following would be incredibly beneficial:


  1. dropdown list selection dependencies and rules
  2. auto-complete based on selection
  3. defaults based on selection

Hi Chad and Tracy-- I do not have an update on this but I have added your votes!

Please add my team's request as well!

Add me in :-) 


Ditto. Another vote here.

Add my vote as well please

Looks like this topic is a bit old but if we are counting votes, add my vote as well. This should move to the top. Thanks.

Hi All—


I've got your votes down for this on our enhancement request list for further review by our Product team.


Please add my name to the enhancement request list for this feature.

Thank you for your efforts in continuously improving Smartsheet...

Please add me to the enhancement request list for this feature.

This should be part of the product. Would use it frequently.

Currently struggling without this feature...please ADD :-)

For me it is MUST have ! Count me in please

I'm also waiting for this function in last year. Add my vote please

2 1/2 years later... any update on this? It's one of the primary requests from our team before we use Smartsheet for our group.

Adding my vote for the following, for what it's worth.

  • Dropdown lists populated from another sheet and/or column
  • Conditional dropdown lists
  • Conditional dropdowns in forms


Yes, we would very much like to see this feature. Since this thread is years old and the enhancement request was logged long back, is there any update on this feature request (Dependent Lists)? For example, have a master LOV list somewhere (no database tables, this can be within the smartsheet, just like another excel sheet in a workbook), and have it available as part of drop-down list.

Say one of my smartsheets have a list of all Zipcodes, City, County, State, Country (manually entered by me). Now, in my main Smartsheet tracker, what I would like to have is that --- as soon as a user enters a particular Zip code, it automatically populates the fields for City, County, State and Country, based on my predefined values in the other sheet.

This would be amazing if it's an in-built feature without the need of any database connnectors or third-party plugins!


+1000! I would love to have this feature.

What is the status on releasing dynamic form fields? I head it was previewed at Engage '18. My company needs this feature in order to properly create streamlined request forms and automated workflows based on inputs.