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I'm trying to create a reference that counts the number of unchecked boxes in a column from one of my form-filled Smartsheets. I'm trying to use the formula "=COUNTIF([column2]:[column2],=false)", where "[column2]" is my checkbox column.


The problem I'm having is that using this formula counts all pre-generated empty rows in addition to the rows entered by the form. As a result, the formula returns a much higher value than intended.


Is there a way, without touching the form-filled Smartsheet, that I can make this calculation on a seperate sheet. There are no *required fields in the form, so using a column to count the total entries and subtracting 'true' values also would not work.



You could use a Created column to track when a form entry is made whether fields are filled out or blank and then use a COUNTIFS to count how many times the box is false but the Created is not blank.


Another option would be to simply subtract 10 from your count. SS auto-generates 10 additional rows below the last used row. Just delete all rows that are not used, refresh the sheet to go ahead and get the auto-generated rows on there, then use 


=COUNTIF(.................................) - 10

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Looking at this discussion I am running to something similar. Where I am trying to get a count of all unchecked boxes using the following countif formula.  The information will be on a metric page which will be part of a dashboard.

=countif([Paid:Paid],=False), and I've tried =countif([Paid:Paid],=0) and I keep getting the error message #UNPARSEABLE?  What am I doing wrong?




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Hi Suki,

Try this.

=COUNTIF(Paid:Paid, 0) and place it in another column then the Paid one.

Did it work?

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