Can email notifications be optimized better for mobile devices?

Right now, these are very tough to read on an IOS mobile device. Row updates are currently displayed in an unbroken line that's width spans far longer than the display allows. I'm currently stuck with a tiny row or miles of horizontal scroll.


There is an update coming for mobile some time soon I hope. There is not an adjustment for the view that I have found. We use this on about 14 different devices in a mobile platform. The one that does make a difference is the browser. If you look at it in different browsers it will appear slightly different.  

Thanks for your feedback, Lee. No question we can improve mobile experience for notifications and other emails. Tough to give you timelines, but design and engineering teams are working on pieces of this as we speak. 



This is really something that needs some attention.  Because the notificaitons cannot be formatted to just contain the information you want, it is usually a massive pile of information that is not readable on a smartphone.  Most of my users want this ability, and I do too.

Really, we just need to fix it so that we can format the output of our daily notifications.  This way, the users are getting all the relevant information on a row's changes (cells, attach, comments) in one nice packet, before we list the changes of the next row.  And we should not have to view all the information hidden in the sheet if it is hidden, this just makes the notification more unwieldy on a mobile device.