Hello.. I have a report set up to run every Monday to show uses a list of their "issues".   Is there a way to skip the email if the report is blank?  Now it sends a blank attachment


Any ideas?


Please let me know




Thanks..  There are a couple of different links supplied as possible solutions on that thread.  Which link would be the better fit?

It takes a little work but it is possible.


I think you would have to restructure your notifications. 


You could send out the notifications from the sheet, not the report.  You would have to have a row reminder for  each user.   You would have to calculate in each row if the user has any items being sent to the report.  If they do you would send them a reminder with a link to their report.  You would schedule the reminder as described in the last comment in the discussion: https://community.smartsheet.com/discussion/recurring-update-requests



I can see where that would work, but one question.  How would I "catch" as new rows are entered?   


The report will pull any row with set criteria.. so if I buld the report today in 6 months it will continue to pull the current data.


If set up row reminders would they continue to work 6 or 9 months into the future?  Or would they have to be re-set up>