I have a Google Site blog for reporting my daily activity to my Director.  I need to add my master project SmartSheet as an image, not a link to a pdf.  How can I do this?




Rather than adding an image of your sheet, I would recommend embedding a read only HTML published version of your sheet. This will embed the sheet on your site and will look like a static image (won’t be the full Smartsheet app) but it will stay updated as your sheet changes. You can enable this through the Publish tab at the bottom of your sheet. 

I was looking for that but I only recognize these as hyperlinks.  I do not see a way of "embedding a read only HTML published version."  The text below under "Projects" are links to the Smartsheet published Read only HTML.

Hi there - Same issue - Trying to embed a smartsheet into a Google site - Trying to use the Google HTML box with The <IFRAME WIDTH=1000 HEIGHT=700 FRAMEBORDER=0 SRC="https://app.smartsheet.com/b/publish?EQBCT=XXXXXXXXXXXXX"></IFRAME> Code


Google immediately identifies SRC as an illegal tag and blocks the include - Please can you provide explicit instructions on how to include FORMS and SHEETS on Google SITES - this is an essential workflow requirement for widescale adoption. Thanks.