I set up an alert that says send an alert every 2 weeks starting on Monday, Nov 4 @ 9 a.m., the condition is the status must be 'Open."  


However, it doesn't send.  If I sent it to weekly, hourly, daily, it works but the every 2 weeks won't send.  What am I doing wrong?



Are you the "assigned to" individual that you're using for testing? If so, you need to allow for notifications in your user settings. User Menu > Personal Settings > Notifications. (See screenshot). Make sure that the checkbox for "receive notifications on changes you make" is set checked. 


Hi Melissa,

I think Mike missed the screenshot or the community is having technical issues.

Either way, here's a screenshot.

Hope that helps!

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Andrée Starå

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Thanks, Andree, It didn't load. Weird! laugh

No. I’m not the assigned to. It’s not going out to anyone in the assigned to field. It only goes out if I set up a frequency other than “every other week.”

Hi Melissa, 

Based on your settings, the alerts are looking for a "contact" in the assignee column. Whoever is listed in the assignee column will get the alert. IF you don't have an assignee the alert will never send. There has to be a recipient for people to get the alert. 

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Hi Mike,

I think you’re misunderstanding my issue. I have contacts in the assignee column. They are getting the alerts IF I set the frequency to daily or weekly. As soon as I change it to every other week, it stops working.