Hi All,


I've referenced the forums for help and thought someone might help me with the "unparseable" error I am getting. We are trying to do complex formulas:

=COUNT(IF(FREQUENCY([Listing Key]2:[Listing Key]20)>0,1))))

The "[Listing Key]2:[Listing Key]20" reflect the chosen cells to crunch the formula. Attached is a screenshot for reference of what I may be doing wrong. 




=COUNTIF([Listing Key]2:[Listing Key]20, "BofA")


Give this a shot...

That doesn't quite do it.

FREQUENCY() in Excel does not have a true counterpart in Smartsheet. 

You'll need to build this functionality yourself using COUNTIF() as Paul lists, but each search term ("BofA") needs to be set up in turn. In other words, somewhere that you can build your own table to get them.