Hi there,


When I make an export (gantt to image) of a report including a few milestones, they don't get exported as diamonds, but as 1 day events. Is this a bug? Because when I look at the Gantt view in Smartsheet itself, then the diamonds are displayed correctly.





Hi Leanne,


I wasn't able to reproduce this behavior when exporting a report's gantt chart to an image or when generating a PDF for print. They all appear as 0 day milestones with the diamonds.


I'd recommend reaching out to our Support team to troubleshoot this more: https://help.smartsheet.com/contact

Hi Shaine,


Thanks for your response, totally missed it that someone already replied. I will contact the Support team, because I still have the same issue..

Found it.

Start and End Dates were reversed in the Report Project Settings.

Correcting this returned the Report to expected display.