The Calendar View would be much more useful to some of us if there was a way to wrap the Task Name so that the whole Task Name was readable, as opposed to the truncating that currently occurs.





I think if you hold down Crtl and press Enter you will drop down and start a new line within the cell


Hi Tim.  Thanks for the comment.  CTRL-Enter does force a newline in a cell, which is visible in the Grid View and the Gantt View, but the newline is *not* shown in the Calendar View.   The tasks in the Calendar View are all one line and a very short line at that, so only the first few words are shown and the rest is truncated.  What I want in this Enhancement Request is an option to wrap text for the Task Name / Primary Column shown in the calendar view. 


Give this discussion some love (click the heart for the original post), and/or add a comment of support if you want to see this enhancement added to Smartsheet.




Hi Stan - thanks for the suggestion! I will submit your feedback to the Product team. Laughing

Thanks Travis!

I agree with Stan this feature would be very useful for us.  Please add my vote. 

Added your vote, Stephanie Smile

We need this! Please include my vote! It's not helpful if you can't read the entire event name

Added your vote, Ally!

This would be amazing. 


Do you know if you can select a part of your Gantt chart so you can only see that in the calendar?




Add my vote too! This is exactly what I am looking for!

One more vote for this.


Should be an easy fix. Come on Smartsheet - you have so many low hanging fruits - small updates like this that could be implemented in no time.


And users would feel like this is a tool in constant development if you implemented small updates like this every week or two.

Can I add my vote for this feature as well please

Add my vote for this feature too, calendar is useless without task names! Why has this fix taken 2 years and counting?


Is this a feature yet??? Desperately needed.  The calendar view is not helpful otherwise and it's effecting my work in grid view as I try to come up with a bite size task that will be fully visible in cal view.

Yes, need this.