Some of my sheets would benefit greatly by being able to filter them based on when a column's cells were last changed.


E.g., "show me all the cells in this columnw hich haven't been changed since [2 days ago]..." etc.


Something like below.


Anyone else like this idea? 




You could totally do this with the current functionality! First, add in the "Auto-number/System" column "Modified (Date)." Then, right click on this column and select "Filter Column."


For your filter, choose "In the last (days)" and type "2" as the value. Finally, select "Exclude selected items" down at the bottom of the filter window. Now, only things that weren't modified in the last two days will show up!


I hope that helps!

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Greg's suggestion is for the row changes. Hans is requesting cell/column updates, which is smaller set of the last two days (potentially)