What I would like to be able to do is toggle on/off search parameters in the Report Builder for a given report.


I have a report which I use daily.  There is a search parameter I which I want to be able to activate and de-active to get a certain view of the report.  For example, I embed a keyword/tag in the Primary column such as "[errand]" to filter out all those tasks which are errands.  


I realize that I could create a separate Report for this, but I often tweak the report and I do not want to need to propogate the changes to other reports each time I make a change.  I could also add another column to categorize the tasks, so that things like "errands" sort together, but I am not looking to build that appartus into all my sheets.


I do not think this capability exists.  If it does not exist, please add as a feature request.







Thanks for the suggestion!  I will add your vote for this. 

Thanks Travis.  BTW, a good example of this is Survey Monkey's interface of being able to toggle on/off search criteria for a report.