Hi, I'd like to take survey data entered into rows of SS and output it to Google Earth.  Obviously I can do this with exports from SS and imports into GE, but I'd like to be realtime.  Is this even possible?  Is anyone doing something similar?


Brett - a couple of options, depending on what exactly you are looking to accomplish.


(1) if you haven't already, take a look at our maps app in smartsheet labs https://smartsheetlabs.com/smartsheetmaps.  create a new map, point to your sheet and save.  as you add rows to your sheet and reload your browser map view, it will map the new entries


(2) you can roll your own.  unfortunately, it looks like the google earth api is in the process of being shut down https://developers.google.com/earth/documentation, but you can use the Smartsheet API http://smartsheet.com/developers/api-documentation and a third-party product like google maps or bing maps to create any sort of visualization you want



Thanks Alex!  The smartsheet maps could work for our application, at least to start.  It appears that the map wants an address.  Is there any way to feed it GPS coordinates?  That would be incredibly helpful

Brett - absolutely.  Just put your coordinates into a single column, and have your Maps App configuration refer to a single address column (as opposed to multiple columns).  Here is an example of a column with coordinates:



We use this process. It is a real time process. We use it for our delivery drivers. As we enter data into the sheet and it is lined out with the Smartsheet Labs it provides a google map for our drivers that is real time.

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Hi Jeremy,

I know that your post is quite old now, but could you please let me know how do you use smartsheet labs to create google maps for drivers?

This would be huge for us in our business process as well.

Dashboard is great... Dashboard with an embedded Map is huge for us. 

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Hi Todd,

What type of map you use in the dashboard? Google Maps, I suppose, but do you use any api to make marks on it? I tried to import google maps nut it's empty, so it's just a map.

If I would be able to bring address pins, wow! that could be fantastic!