We have created some filters in our production sheet but when we remove the filter the data does not return to its original order in the sheet.  is there something we need to do or something we are missing to prevent this from happening? 


Filters should not change the row order.

Can you explain in detail what is occurring? Is someone sorting data after it has been filtered?


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I would have thought that the filter when turned off should not effect this as well.  The sort function has not been used.  So we have work ordered into weeks of the year week 38,39 & 40.  when the filter is turned off some of the date moves into weeks they should not be in i have attached a screen snip.  

That seems really weird. Filters don't actually change the data, they just change which rows you see at any given time


Is the week of the year a formula or calculated field? if so, what is the formula?

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Then the filter really should not be changing the data. Maybe someone is copying and pasting or inserting new rows while the filter is selected?