I don't work in this realm at my job, but I know that another program (much more costly, I might add!) is being considered to meet our business services group needs. Though not exhaustive, I know they need a program that will allow for processing of purchase orders and needed approvals (electronically), timekeeping for exempt and non-exempt employees, payroll processing, check writing, GL coding, and such.

What might I be able to share with them that can accomplish any of the above within Smartsheet and the available apps/integrations?




Hi Loann! For processing purchase orders - check out the Place an Order template. You could add a Checkbox column to this sheet where the appropriate person can electronically approve a request by checking the box (possibly from an Update Request). 


While we do not support timekeeping yet, this is something we are working to implement in the future. You can stay up to date on the progress by following this thread. That being said, you can add a Text/Number column to your sheet and manually track time for your employees.


You can add GL codes to a sheet in a Text/Number or Dropdownlist and use those codes to sort, filter, build a report, etc. 


There is not built in functionality for payroll processing or check writing but you could use Smartsheet to track and keep a history of these activities. 

Thank you, Travis. I'll pass this information along when it comes up in the next meeting. I'll be sure to follow the thread, as well.


We're looking into something similar for our Items and Purchase Orders. What solution did you finally wind up going with?


They're an excavating company, so they went with a program that is specific to that industry and covers everything from office (payroll/timesheets/accounting) to job bids, equipment costs, etc. I don't know the specifics.

please i need sample of payroll