For our particular needs we find ourselves needing to separate attachments into categories - new or previously used.

Is there an enhancement on the horizon that would allow the creation of folders, or an option similar?



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Hi Loann

Are you aware that under the Home button looking at Folders and Workspaces you can create folders and subfolders in either section that just contain attachments and do not have to be attached to a sheet, they exist just in the folders?  

You can build your hierarchy of folders in there? 

Hope that helps? 


Thank you, Richard. I do make use of those folders - and they're fantastic for their purpose.

However, for our use, within each row we have documents attached that are specific to that row and are only related to particular dates and need to be able to separate them. Otherwise, we'll end up with 12-15 attachments (conservatively) that we then need to scan through to see which ones are the new vs previous versions.



Loann, there are not any near term plans to allow for folders but I can certainly see how this could be beneficial and I will send your suggestion to our product team for consideration in future development. 

Thanks, Travis! I'm always appreciative of how responsive SS is to ideas that are of benefit for users.





Is there an update to the folder creation ability for attachments?  I see this post is old but I am currently looking for the functionality to create folders of documents in a Workspace.


Thank you.

8/15/18--Has this request been fulfilled? Or are we still waiting? 

This update is a necessity here.  Has this been fulfilled?  I do not see an answer on the other posts and would really love to know if this is up and functional.


Looking for this also. Would be a great addition and I fail to see how it wouldn't be standard from the beginning.


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