I have a parent row on a sheet and I would like new entries that flow into that sheet through a form to be automatically indented so it's a part as a child row to the parent row from the beginning. Also, there is a formula that isn't being pulled down to the new row right away. How do I get the formula to fill in?  For example I want this formula to be in a cell right away, but right now I have to drag it down each time that a new row flows through the Form. Any suggestions for these two questions?  

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Hi Lindsey,

Unfortunately, it's not possible at the moment to have the form submission indent automatically, but it's a great idea!

For the formula to fill there have to be at least two rows before or after with the formula. Most of my clients prefer getting the submissions in the sheet's top instead. I usually create two rows in the top and then hide them with a Default filter.

Would that work?

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Hi Lindsey

Another reason why formulas don't always autofill is if you have deleted/moved the last row prior to the new record being submitted via the form. 

Some clients of mine had been getting data into sheets using forms and then moving the data to another location within the sheet (higher up - manually sorting the records).  Then when the next record is added via a form, the formulas stopped updating as the last row (i.e. the lowest row in the sheet) wasn't the last row (the one added most recently) anymore (as it was moved) so the formula didn't automatically update.  Hope this makes sense!

SO if you are moving the rows once they have been added (or if you have deleted the Last Row) then this would also explain why your auto-updating of formulas has stopped.

Hope this helps!

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The other problem is that it will only pull formulas from the two rows above that are of the SAME hierarchy level. So when the form is submitted it is at the parent hierarchy, but it is being populated below a child row. Therefore there aren't two rows above the new submission that are of the same "format".