May I please get assistance with a formula? I am trying to do a formula that references another sheet (Loaner Sign Out Sheet), which calculates a total from that onto my Request Metrics sheet. Please see attached. I would like a total count for Request Type "HDMI" only if the Status states "In Progress." If it's not in progress I do not want it to count towards the total. 

In the example attached the total should = 1 since there's only one HDMI in a "In Progress" status. 

Please help!

Thank you.



This is the layout, but you'll need to use the "reference other sheet" when creating the formula to pull the results. Referencing another sheet will put your ranges between { } brackets.

=COUNTIFS({Request Type Range}, ="HDMI", {Status Range}, ="In Progress")


One thing to keep in mind...


When using specific values (text, number, special character, or a combination thereof) you do not need the operator.


Nic's formula is not wrong. I am just pointing out a little quirk with these types of formulas.


=COUNTIFS({Request Type Range}, = "HDMI", {Status Range}, = "In Progress")

works exactly the same as

=COUNTIFS({Request Type Range}, "HDMI", {Status Range}, "In Progress")

which also works exactly the same as

=COUNTIFS({Request Type Range}, @cell = "HDMI", {Status Range}, @cell = "In Progress")