I need help with a formula. I have 3 date columns. If there's a date in datecol1, and a date in datecol2, and either a date or NA in datecol3, then enter 1 in col 4. I am not a programmer, but can usually figure it out. Not this time! This is what is in col 4 cell, but I get Unparseable.


=IF(ISDATE([datecol1]7), IF(ISDATE([datecol2]7), IF(OR(ISDATE([datecol3]7), ISTEXT([datecol3]7) = "NA"),  1)))


Appreciate any help!

Thanks, Janet



Never mind, I figured out what works for me: Laughing


=IF(ISDATE([datecol1]7), IF(ISDATE([datecol2]7), IF(ISDATE([datecol3]7), IF([datecol3]7) = "NA", 1)))

Thanks for the update! Happy to hear you figured it out Smile