Hi there, I'm new to smartsheet I want to switch from MS Project to smartsheet to set up the planning schedule. I know we can assign multiple of people to a task but at the planning/biding level, I just want to juggle with the number of resources to set the best outline.

I would like to set the work (total effort to accomplish a task), then the number of people and then have the duration calculated like(Work / #people). As soon as I set the calculated column as the duration I lose the formula. See My screenshot below.

Thanks for your help. 



Hi Bernard—

Formulas currently can't be added to the duration column or any column being used for dependencies as there are hidden dependencies-specific formulas performing calculations on the backend.

One way that you can work around this is to create a new text/number column and add your effort calculations there. You can then type the result in to your real duration column.

When you have a moment, submit your feedback to allow functions in dependencies columns through the Product Enhancement Request form (under Quick links to the right of the community site).