Hello -

Looking for help with a basic formula that will calculate how many projects end within a certain number of days. 

I have used: =COUNTIF({End Date}, <=TODAY(30)) 

I am not receiving an error message, but the result is much higher than the number is should be. 

Any help you can provide is appreciated!




That is because using only <= TODAY(30) means you are also including all dates in the past as well. You need to build in the condition of also being >= TODAY().


=COUNTIFS({End Date}, AND(@cell <= TODAY(30), @cell >=TODAY())

Hi Paul -


Thanks for your help with this. Would this formula work if I am using this formula to reference the data from another sheet?  When I enter this I am still receiving a number higher than what it should be (now receiving 35 and it should be 4).



Sure - is this what you are looking for:



Ah, I was missing a parameter in my formula. So, the formula was pulling the correct number for what I was asking it to do. I have it all figured out now.

Thank you!


Excellent! Happy to help! yes