Hello community

This is my first post, struggling to achieve a formula command. can you help?

I have several columns, one being a check box column named "Payment"

When one or more of the rows is checked within this "Payment" column, I then need the system to calculate the £value across three other columns, names "30 days" "60 days" and "90 days" only when checked

(currently have inputted rows 1 to 15, this fluctuates dependant on business debtors, only a select number shown below for ref:

Below the rows above I have a formula section which feeds a dashboard:

I need the Total cash committed cell to count the  "30 days" "60 days" and "90 days" columns when "payment column" is checked positive

Any help appreciated, I've tried loads of different formulas and not having much look.  





Hi Stuart,

Can you share the sheet or some screenshots? It will be much easier to help you if you can.

I hope this helps you!


Andrée Starå - Workflow Consultant @ Get Done

Try this:


=SUMIF(Payment:Payment, =1, [30 days]:[30 days]) + SUMIF(Payment:Payment, =1, [60 days]:[60 days]) + SUMIF(Payment:Payment, =1, [90 days]:[90 days])


This will sum up the value in each row within the 30 days, 60 days, and 90 days columns and then add them together. Unfortunately, Smartsheet doesn't allow multiple columns to be referenced within the same SUMIF formula. Therefor you have to write a SUMIF for each column and add them together.